Investing in Bonds, Are Bonds Sexy Now? (5 Advantages)

investing in bonds

Is investing in bonds sexy again? What are the advantages of investing in bonds? After the memorial-stock crazed pandemic years in investing, traditional and rationale investing seems to be having a moment. In fact, the traditional 60/40 portfolio (60% stock index and 40% bond index) seems to be doing quite well as of late. What … Read more

Quick Hits for the Week of 10/23/22

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The Death of the 60/40 Portfolio Is Greatly Exaggerated I’ve seen so many articles, and listened to so many podcasts this week about the death of the 60/40 portfolio (60% Equities / 40% Bonds). Now I’m not saying it’s right for everyone, however just taking a look at the past 12 months is not how … Read more