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Collectively Greg, Jerry, and Bob have over 60 Years of wealth building experience. They share the tools and techniques they are using to build wealth, improve personal health, strengthen credit, budget, invest in real estate, stocks, options, etc. The three of them share a treasure trove of ideas, that they themselves have practiced and refined over the years. With the hard reality that many people haven’t had proper guidance, or strategies, to build longterm wealth, health and success…these three saw a need to share what they’ve learned, in an easy to understand format, and have fun while doing so.

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Money Viking’s Premium content will provide you the following:

Hot Trades

These are trading opportunities that are primed for profit. Using Jerry’s options strategies and Bob’s Technical Analysis, they will demonstrate clear opportunities for every type of investor or trader. Most trading alert services will provide you with the first alert, but leave you high and dry if the trading plan needs to change. We will hold your hand every step of the way until the trade hits our profit target. If things don’t go so well, we’ll be there too to help you preserve as much capital as possible and help you to setup hedging strategies.

Weekly Newsletters

Every week, the newsletter delivers investing ideas, recaps, what’s in the news, on the radar topics, macro trends, perspective, and/or tips. 


Guides and Tutorials

The Money Vikings provide easy to understand references and guides to help with long term success. What better way to do this, than provide clean visual aides that Members can save and/or print out.

Tools and Custom Technical Indicators*

What better way to compliment guides and tutorials, than having the tools specifically designed for optimal peak performance with those guides and tutorials in mind? We will provide our Members with the tools that help them succeed.  

Exclusive Analytics and Informative Articles

Crafted by the master thespian himself, Greg will bring you great perspective and information to stay in the know regarding all things investing and wealth building.

Exclusive Direct Access to Greg & Jerry

You can come hang out with us, and we’ll knit boots for kittens together….totally kidding….or are we?

AND MORE!!*Custom Technical Indicators are exclusively created in TradingView and only compatible with the TradingView platform. TradingView is a separate and unrelated entity from Money Vikings, and neither party receives or shares any revenue from their services.

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