Fear is Our Friend Investing

Fear and Deth

Fear is our friend when investing! But before I explain why fear is our friend right now as logical and well balanced investors, let me first describe an investing environment: Imagine a time when many people had extra cash laying around and access to online investing tools. Money was being thrown at all the new … Read more

5 Estate Planning Basics (and worst things to inherit)

estate planning basics

Hang in here with me, because I promise to make this straightforward and painless. Estate planning is one of those things most people see the title and their eyes glaze over. I understand, but lack of foresight and preparation costs families billions and massive amounts of problems. How about estate planning basics! This is why … Read more

Feeling Behind in Life – 5 Things to Consider

feeling behind in life

Feeling Behind in Life? Try loving yourself for who you are and where you are in life. Realize that each person’s life is unique with their own trials and tribulations. There will always be someone with more/different and always someone with less/different. Find your unique path, be kind to all, be strong when you can, seek help when you need it. This is the heart and soul of Money Viking strong!