Welcome to True Wealth!

Our Mission

True Wealth. Welcome to the Money Vikings! A source of inspiration and ideas where we “conquer financial freedom!”  We are regular folks with families, doing what we can each day to build wealth and conquer our financial freedom.  Conquering financial freedom looks different for every individual, but there are dozens of ways to find one’s own path to True Wealth (combination of strong finances, health, family and friends).  We believe that most people can achieve this if they put their mind to it and take steps to move forward.

This site is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration!  We believe that people with moderate incomes and middle class lives can build wealth through sound practices and habits. We are all human and we are not perfect, but we can pick ourselves up and move forward to improve.  So what if we make some mistakes along the way, it does not mean we cannot achieve a solid net worth and enjoy a rich life.  There are hundreds of ideas one can deploy to make a substantial gain in their net worth and build wealth.  We are part of the FIRE (Financial Independence) movement and achieved this in our 40s and 50s!

Our Core Values

First and foremost, we want this to be fun for everyone that gets a glimpse in to our world of ideas. We saw a need to share our ideas and successes with the world. But most importantly, our failures too. It’s important to understand where the shortfalls are in life and investing, and how to avoid them. Greg, Jerry, and Bob, all have their fair share of stories and experiences that have helped them get to their goals.

  • True Wealth is living life on your own terms with a balance between money, family, freedom, etc.
  • We understand that everyone’s voyage in life will have it’s own unique obstacles and challenges along the way.
  • Be resourceful, bring ideas and people together to achieve a wealthy and rich life.
  • Just like the Vikings did, we never gave up. It will take time but we hope that our inclusive community and shared knowledge will help everyone down their path to wealth building.
  • We explore and analyze many ways to build passive income through stocks, side hustles, dividends, real estate, bonds, and more! Because we know all too well, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Why “Money Vikings”?

Because Vikings were awesome and strong! Would you have remembered us if we were “The Money Adventurers”, “The Wealth Guys”, “Financial Fung Shui”? Or, will you remember the Money Vikings crushing debt with the battle axe of wealth! Here to pillage all that has set eyes upon the great lands that we have claimed. Under the financial strategies Odin has laid forth WE WILL CONQUER FINANCIAL FREEDO…ok ok, I got little carried away, but you get the point, it sounds WAY better.

The truth is, Vikings were warriors and very resourceful with what they had. Like the Vikings, fighting for freedom, we will help you fight the battles for Financial Freedom.  In their time, they battled the expanse of Kingdoms in to their Nordic homelands. Now of days, we have the rapid growth of personal debt and rampant consumerism to beat. That’s why we’re here. Plus, let’s be honest here, Vikings were pretty badass.

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We welcome you to our clan. We look forward to showing you how we build wealth, with out the run around.