5 Reasons I’m Buying Realty Income at These Lows

Buying Realty Income

Buying Realty Income? Money Vikings have been blogging about our True Wealth investing journey since 2017. And those that have read a few of my posts may know that I have been the anti-meme stock too the moon guy for a long time. I consider myself a classic investor. I want to own quality companies over the long run and practice fundamental wealth building methods.

Ok, maybe I am boring, but it sure damn works. Budgeting, delayed gratification, owning more asserts than liabilities and investing for the long run in quality assets does a funny thing: It build wealth and leads to financial freedom!

Enter Realty Income

I was first introduced to this Realty Income company back when my beloved grandfather was still in human form with us. One day about a decade ago he handed me a short article clipped from a newspaper. It mentioned high quality investments to consider and one was ticker “O”.

As I started researching it, the more I liked. San Diego based, sound business model supported by real income producing assets, well managed and hey, they even send a dividend each month so you feel like a mini landlord.

I started and never looked back. So as you can imagine as Realty Income stock hits 52 week lows, I am adding to the position at these levels and juicing that dividend yield of almost 6%!


Top 5 reasons I’m Buying Realty Income

Realty Income is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns and operates a diversified portfolio of commercial properties. The company has a long history of success and is considered to be one of the best REITs to invest in for the long term. Check out 3 WOW Stocks for 2023.

Here are five reasons why I’m Buying Realty Income, a great long-term investment:

1. Consistent dividend growth

Realty Income has paid out a monthly dividend since 1969 and has increased its dividend every quarter for the past 99 quarters. This makes Realty Income one of the most reliable dividend payers on the stock market. This is another reason I’m Buying Reality Income.

2. Strong portfolio of properties

Another reason I’m buying Realty Income is that Realty Income owns a diversified portfolio of over 12,000 properties in 49 states and Puerto Rico. The company’s properties are leased to a variety of tenants, including investment-grade companies and essential businesses. This diversification helps to reduce Realty Income’s risk and provides a steady stream of income.

3. Strong credit rating

Realty Income has an investment-grade credit rating of A. This gives the company access to low-cost capital, which it uses to grow its portfolio and acquire new properties. This is another reason I’m Buying Reality Income.

4. Experienced management team

Realty Income has a management team with a deep understanding of the real estate industry and a proven track record of success. The company’s management team is focused on long-term growth and profitability. This is another reason I’m Buying Reality Income.

Realty Income is well-positioned to benefit from several long-term trends, including the aging population, the growth of e-commerce, and the increasing urbanization of the world’s population.

Overall, Realty Income is a great long-term investment for investors who are looking for a reliable dividend payer with a strong portfolio of properties and an experienced management team.

Here are some additional reasons why Realty Income is an exciting investment:

  • The company is expanding into new markets, such as Europe and South America.
  • Realty Income is investing in new technologies, such as solar energy and self-storage.
  • The company is well-positioned to benefit from the rise of e-commerce.

If you are looking for a long-term investment that can help you achieve your financial goals, Realty Income is a great option to consider. This is another reason I’m Buying Reality Income.


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