How Elon Musk Bought Me A Cup of Coffee

How Elon Musk, the richest guy on the planet bought Me Cup of Coffee! 😉

We wanted to share a funny little anecdote of how we can leverage multiple platforms and actions for little freebies, like a nice Starbucks break with a friend.

But we should say this is about more than a free cup of coffee from Elon Musk, this is about a mindset of success when it comes to money and life. We all can find ways to “hack” life’s little pleasures and explore new ways to save money here and there. And those “here and there” costs add up over time and snowball into big money.

We know FI gurus are supposed to never buy coffee out, but we like it sometimes. And we find ways to get our coffee discounted or even free at times, for example How We Got Starbucks To Pay For Our Coffee Addiction.. We like to order our coffee and drink it too you could say.

Step 1 :  – Use Cash App to Buy 10$ of Fractional Shares of TSLA

Step 2 : Wait a few days then sell TSLA for a $3.18 profit

Step 3 : Go to a Coffee Shop such as Starbucks and use the Starbucks Boost to buy a Grande Coffee!

A Fun Example

We know this is a fun example of how Elon. Musk, the world’s richest guy, bought us a coffee. But the important lesson here is to continue to find and use ways like this to pay for our lives. Over time these small actions compound into big results. By leveraging our assets, investing and using discount apps we can all sock away a little extra cash in 2020 and beyond!

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