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Build True Wealth: Tools to Make this Happen

As we enter a third era of Money Vikings, I thought it would be a good time to reintroduce ourselves and our core mission.

Why Did We Launch Money Vikings?

Back in 2017, a couple of middle class friends (Greg & Jerry) launched The Money Vikings blog. We did not come from massive wealth or old money, but we did come from loving middle class families.

But we looked around as young adults and realized looking back that our educational system does a shockingly poor job at teaching people about personal finance, investing, wealth and health.


A Lack of Education on a Mass Level

On a macro level, we are sent all kinds of confusing and conflicting messages about money, personal finance and wealth. We live in an environment with a media circus machine with one mission: extract dollars from advertisers and consumers. Our educational system seems afraid to teach people about money, perhaps out of cultural taboos. And we are bombarded with illusions of wealth and happiness from the Kardashians and Hollywood machine. This is why we love books such as the Millionaire Next Door.

A Recipe For Failure

This all adds up to a recipe for failure for most people to achieve any level of wealth or personal financial stability. Therefore we launched the Money Vikings blog (Money Vikings 1.0). We worked over the course of a few years to research and collect the best and most effective wealth building ideas we could find. We became guinea pigs for new platforms and ideas, some worked and others did not. And we did this in an honest, fun and prudent way to build wealth.

MV 2.0

Money Vikings 2.0 was launched during the Pandemic lockdowns. During this period we built a discord community, started a podcast, and launched our newsletter. This period was marked by a rocket fueled meme and easy money infused environment. Almost all assets simply went up each month after the initial pandemic market swoon.

This was frankly an easy time to “invest” and we saw many new younger investors enter the market. Free money flowing and easy gains. Everything was the next big thing to the moon.

The 22-23 Descent Down to Earth 

The everything bubble finally popped when inflation started running rampant and the Fed started jacking up interest rates.

Money Vikings 3.0

Welcome to MV 3.0. From here we still remain focused on educational and inspirational content so you can conquer your personal financial freedom. We want to be a lifelong partner and coach that can help you every step of your True Wealth journey.

We are about a lot more than simply a number in an investment account. We are taking a holistic approach to wealth, health and living a strong and meaningful life. We truly believe the more we all can share and work together, the wealthier we will all be.

Join Us

As we expand Money Vikings please consider joining us and sharing our content. We do have a membership service, but we also simply put most of our ideas and content out there for free. Doesn’t cost anything to like our YouTube videos or read our blog. Or join our membership for $10/month to receive our weekly newsletter and join us to talk weekly in our discord group about investing strategies and much more.

Fun Stuff

Do not forget that MV Greg has a passion for collectible comics and trading cards. I like to cover all kinds of fun collectible art, pop culture and more! And sometimes, we can even make money from all this!

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