Batman ’89 Movie Cards (Awesome Strong Value)

Are Batman Movie Cards 1989 Worth Anything?

Do you remember the original Tim Burton Batman movies? As a Gen-Xer I do and they are still awesome in my opinion. Some people know there was a set of collectible trading cards from the movies. And some of them are actually worth something now on the collectibles market.

With the return of Michael Keaton as Batman in the DC Universe, many are now pulling out their old Batman movie cards from the late 80’s early 90’s. I remember loving the original movie and the wax pack cards.

It’s possible that Batman 1989 movie cards may be worth something to collectors, depending on their condition and rarity. However, the value of collectibles can fluctuate over time, so it’s important to keep in mind that any estimated value may not be entirely accurate. I believe over time these Batman movie cards will hold their value and go up.

A Mint for $1,000

Check out this one on eBay, a classic batman card: Batman 1989 Card

How to Evaluate Your Collection

Unopened boxes usually go up in value over time. Sealed packs and highly sought after cards are the same way. But collectibles are subject to huge fluctuations given popularity. With the recent re boot of the DC Universe (DCU) and the appearance of Michael Keaton again as the caped crusader, the popularity is on an upswing.

I could watch this many times!

To get a better idea of the value of your Batman 1989 movie cards, you could try looking them up online to see if they are being sold or auctioned off, and at what prices. You could also reach out to a professional appraiser or a specialized collectibles dealer for an expert opinion.

Check out this Money Viking collection of Batman 1989 Movie Cards:

Batman is a Forever “Stock”

Batman is one of those iconic characters (similarly to Spiderman and Superman) that will last the test of time. Certain Batman collectibles will almost always hold their value and probably go up. Not all, but if you are a choosy collector this may hold true. Many people from around the world identify the character of Batman and the desire for real justice.

Are DC Batman Comics About to Heat Up?

3 Main Reasons Comics and Collectibles Rise in Value

  • Rarity: If a comic book is rare, meaning there are not many copies available, it can increase in value. This could be due to a limited print run, a special edition, or a rare variant cover. As the supply of the comic book dwindles, collectors who want a copy will have to pay a premium to acquire it, driving up its value.
  • Popularity: If a comic book becomes popular due to a movie adaptation, a new comic book series, or a particular storyline, it can increase in value as demand for it rises. For example, when Marvel’s Avengers movies became popular, the value of Avengers comic books increased as more people became interested in the franchise.
  • Historical Significance (keys): Some comic books may have historical significance because they introduced a new character or concept, or because they were part of a significant event in the comic book industry. For example, Action Comics #1, which features the first appearance of Superman, is considered a historically significant comic book and is highly valuable as a result.

Be Picky with Batman Collectibles

Unless you just love Batman stuff and want it all over your house, then I would be picky about which items to collect or invest in. My personal first rule of investing is to love the item itself. Either you find it beautiful, cool or just makes you feel happy or nostalgic. From there, I would check to see if it fits the criteria of collecting for increasing value.


Batman cards are hit or miss in terms of value. Wax packs can still be picked up on the cheap. I am not aware of the supply numbers out there, but there do seem to be plenty on eBay. BUT, remember that collectibles from this era were usually trashed, therefore there are not many sealed products or gem mint cards. Those will certainly hold value and the fact that Michael Keaton is back as Batman means this collectible will be popular for a while.

I simply like the cards and the original movie.

2 thoughts on “Batman ’89 Movie Cards (Awesome Strong Value)

  1. I’m about three cards short of having the full set of Michael Keaton batman cards from the original movie. Looking to sell as a job lot and wondering how best to achieve this? Not keen on eBay though.

  2. I typically use eBay. Yes the fees suck. But we pay for access to a vast market place and audience. Not really sure how else to do it. I try to factor the fees into what I will accept for a give collectible.

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