sorcery contested realm

Sorcery Contested Realm Coming Soon! (Original Art TCG)

Sorcery Contested Realm! Here at Money Vikings we explore and discover the nexus between many different aspects of a strong life of True Wealth. We go well beyond just some number in a mutual fund account. That is the easy part. But what is the art of building a strong Money Viking life of True Wealth? I ask you to consider the role of games, collectibles and gathering with friends!

All the elements

What about all the other ingredients and elements to a wonderful life? Health, friends/family, adding value, creating things, food and the many strategies to build wealth. One that I often like to discuss is collectibles and in particular collectible trading card games (TCG’s).

Why TCG’s?

Not only can people make money from TCG’s, they are also just fun to play and create social connections. The games also exercise our creative and strategic minds, probably leading to less cases of dementia or Alzheimer’s later in life.

A TCG for an Illustrator

Part of my personal story is deeply connected to making fantasy art and children’s book art. In fact, I have a children’s book on the market that introduces kids to the world of Shakespeare in a fun way, through the experiences of his dog. Check it out: Crab & Will, A Tale of Shakespeare’s Dog

sorcery contested realm

Sorcery: Contested Realm

If your interested in art, TCG’s and just awesome stuff, check out the newest TCG, Sorcery Contested Realms. About 6 months ago I heard about a new TCG being developed off a kickstarter campaign called Sorcery Contested Realm. The game is described as “an “old school” fantasy card game for players with a rich imagination, tactical nerve and an appreciation for hand-painted art.

A shout out to the creators of Sorcery, Erik Olofsson and team. I takes a lot to do make great and beautiful things in this world, so a big thanks to them for making this happen. It will be interesting to see how this game evolves over the years.

This was also about the time that I was feeling down about Magic The Gathering and some of the shenanigans/extreme greed over at Hasbro/Wizards. So not only is it purported to be a fun casual TCG with a board game vibe, it uses original hand painted art on every card. All the art is backed up by a real world version painted by an illustrator. As an illustrator myself, this became totally intriguing.

This is a sample of my art hoping that Sorcery will hire me in the future, I work in traditional media like acrylic and oil paints:

sorcery contested realm

How to Play (Casual Card Game Meets Board Game?)

I am still trying to figure out the mechanics of the game play. I tend to be more of a hands on learner, so looking forward to getting cards in hand and working through the mechanics of game play. Here is the link to the google doc that explains every element of the game thus far:

sorcery contested realm
sorcery contested realm

For the visual learners:

Sorcery Contested Realm is a trading card game that can be played by two or more players. Here’s a basic guide to get you started:

Getting started

  • Get a Sorcery Contested Realms starter deck or booster packs to build your own deck.
  • Shuffle your deck and draw seven cards.
  • Decide who will go first.


  • Each player starts with a life total of 20.
  • The game is played on a 5 by 4 grid board play mat. So the game takes on a combo of card game with board game vibe.
  • Sorcery is a realm contested by Avatars with one goal: to be the last Avatar standing. In order to win, a player must first put their opponent’s Avatar at Death’s Door by reducing its life total to 0. After that, the player must then deliver the final Death Blow to the dying Avatar, which rewards them with the win.
  • First move is to move your avatar from the “void” onto a site in the “contested realm” or board.
  • On your turn, you can play one resource card and any number of other cards, as long as you have the resources to pay for them.
  • The initial goal is to gain movement to either the other players sites or avatar to inflict damage.
  • Resources can be gained by playing resource cards or by using abilities of certain cards.
  • Play creatures, spells, and other cards to attack your opponent or defend yourself.
  • Use abilities of your cards to gain advantages or disrupt your opponent’s strategy.
  • The game ends when one player’s life total is reduced to zero.

Card Types

  • Sorcery cards appear to be divided into the following categories: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Sites, Relics, Avatars and Tokens.
  • Resource Cards: Used to gain resources needed to play other cards.
  • Creature Cards: Used to attack your opponent or defend yourself.
  • Spell Cards: Used to cast spells that can damage your opponent, protect yourself or your creatures, or manipulate the game in other ways.

Overall, the key to playing Sorcery Contested Realms is to plan ahead, manage your resources carefully, and stay flexible in response to your opponent’s actions. Have fun learning to play. We have some learning to do to figure out this new casual game.

How Do I Buy It?

So here is the rub. As a new TCG it takes a lot to get things launched. TCG’s like Magic and Flesh and Blood now have many years of production experience under their belts. Sorcery is in the printing process and we should see product hit the mainstream in the next couple of months. Hopefully from there, they are on a regular production schedule each year that players and collectors can depend on.

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