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I Tried Dozens of Lifehacks and Health Wealth Hacks – 7 That Make Me Powerful!

Most of us seek proven ways to improve our health and wealth in life. This is what we mean when we say “Money Viking Strong”! Identifying the best ways that we can prosper, thrive, give back and be stronger in all areas of life.


Anyone who spends minutes (or hours) each day scrolling through YouTube shorts knows that there are a plethora (3 Amigos Word) of health, wealth and success gurus out there spinning off nuggets of life success advice. And frankly it can be a bit overwhelming.

One day it’s icy baths, then coffee, then no coffee and hot tubs. Then you either act aggressive and stick up for yourself or you embrace peace and kindness and go with the flow. Or you could eat all meat or no meat and just eat vegetables. You can hear it all, so what to do?

Stop the Insanity

You get the idea, it can be confusing how to “hack” your life to internal success, strength, power and prestige. But we must be reasonable about things. Life is a journey and experience of many different flavors. In the immortal words of INXS, “sometimes we kick and sometimes we get kicked…”

I am trying them

After 6 plus years your trusted Money Vikings continue to document and analyze the many ways to become wealthy. And our “brand” of wealth we call True Wealth is about a lot more than just amassing a large 401k balance. We consider a holistic approach to wealth that includes money, relationships and health. 3 pillars to a stellar life of value and service.

My point is that I like trying out the life hacks and then reporting back to you in terms of what is working or not working for me. And remember everyone is a little different and a little bit the same. We must all find what works for us in terms of living a life of True Wealth.

Different Stages

One should also remember that life hacks, health regiments and success tips evolve throughout the stages of our lives. What worked in our 20’s probably needs to be amended for our 40’s and 50’s. What worked prior to having a family will need to be re structured while raising a family.

Middle Aged Wisdom

Now that I am smack dab in the middle of middle age, I am hopeful that I gained a bit of wisdom through experience and trial and error. I know a little bit about what makes people succeed or not at many things in life. I certainly have racked up my fair share of wins and losses. I try to learn from both!

Knock on Wood

I arrived at middle age and faced a pandemic and minor case of cancer. This was not how imagined moving through my 40’s and 50s, but in hindsight it made me stronger and even more committed. I count my blessings to now be in middle age and pretty well in tacked and in good health and wealth. Disease, loss of loved ones, divorce all count as experiences I faced at various years in life. And all taught me things. I currently count my blessings on an upswing and hope to continue such a trajectory as long as possible.

What is Working

Without further ado, here are 7 health wealth hacks that are currently helping me to feel great. This is coming from a guy in his forties, raising a family, solid middle class job and building wealth the old fashioned way. If I can do it, many people can do it!


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It is very rare for people to not need adequate sleep. The proper amount of sleep has many powerful effects for our health and wealth. If a person does not have this part of their life figured out, then it seems very hard in my view to succeed at others things.

Proper sleep assists with decision making, energy levels, combating disease, our emotions and much more. Sleep literally cleans the brain of toxins that build up during the day. Sleep helps us repair our bodies and build muscle.

Do whatever you can to ensure quality sleep and it seems humans need between 7-9 hours a night. More for children and teenagers. I recently invested in a high quality bed and I can already tell it pays off. Yes, it cost about $900 more than a lower quality bed, but I am convinced the cost is well worth it.

I will one more bonus to sleep, consider a short meditation practice. It can be a game changer.

Some Sun, Outdoors and Movement

We evolved outside and connected in some way to nature. You can connect this to all the spiritual traditions. We literally came from the Earth and the Sun, without them we would not be here in this human form.

We seem to need some level of sunlight each day to produce Vitamin D and provide health effects. I am a guy that faced skin cancer, so I also know that there is such thing as too much sun. Therefore I am not saying go become so red lobster looking dude in a speedo. But, we do seem to need 10-15 minutes of direct sunlight each day. But discuss this with your healthcare provider, I am not a doctor.

The last thing I will mention in this category is the criticality of movement. Every time I went to visit a chiropractor, they tell me that the amount of sitting Americans are doing is killing us. Way too many hours are spent sitting in front of screens. I get it, I work a desk job and spend time in front of a computer. BUT, we must also take breaks, get a standing desk, take walks outside and move around as much as possible.

No food is off limits, but be conscious of adding REAL FOOD

For me personally I try and ensure a clean diet, BUT no food is off limits. When we get too strict with food it seems to backfire. My hack is to focus on real food. Real food is actual food, not ultra processed garbage. I look at each plate of food and ask myself how much of this is real.

Are there vegetables, high quality meat, cheese? Are there some fruits and nuts? All this as opposed to highly processed foods stripped of nutrients that are spiking blood sugar levels. At Money Vikings we regularly feature a new food each newsletter and outline the nutritional value of that real food.

Be in the moment with children

We truly must balance the past, present and future in life. But the present is really all we have to take action and engage in meaningful relationships. Truly value the close relationships in your life. For me personally, I seek to be a good father and present for children in my life.

Let things go

The older I get I just realize how critical it is to let some things go. All humans have challenges and we will need be perfect in our relations. No need to be a pushover or be taken advantage of, but find a way to make peace with others and either build on the relationship or cut them loose.

Micro Bursts and Do Something Hard

I just do not have the time to go to the gym for a couple hours at this stage in life. Therefore I swear by micro bursts of activity. This can be 5 minutes if intense riding on a stationary bike. Lifting a few weights for a few minutes. Running around and chasing kids in the backyard.

Check out some micro burst workout examples here:

Learn then make up your own mind

Keep watching the gurus and make up your own mind. For some, ice baths are the key to success and good on them! For other it is being wrapped in a blanket of warmth. Research, read, listen and keep learning. And most importantly after all that, make up your own mind in terms of what works for you! Define your own strength and success, then live it! Go Money Vikings!

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