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4 Ways to Hosting WordPress on a Shoestring Budget

There are many ways to host a blog, and as Financial Bloggers we pride ourselves on running a blog on the cheap. We❤️ Linux!

Hosting WordPress: Option 1 : Free : Blogger or Blogspot

Yes we could certainly go with blogger and blogspot for free and not have to worry about hosting wordpress on your own, but you give up a bit of control and predictability with that. (And technically it’s not WordPress). In the end we decided to host on our own linux cloud virtual machines.

Hosting WordPress: Option 2: Paid : Digital Ocean

One of the best deals I could find out there was Digital Ocean, running their 1 CPU / 1 GB RAM / 25 GB Storage Virtual Machine for $6/month. Once you have it setup, download and install wordpress and send traffic to your blog. Use a free domain name registrar, or sign-up with hover for domain name hosting on your own, but that will cost another 10$-$20/year for your own custom domain.

hosting wordpress

Not the cheapest virtual machine in the mix, but reasonable for our needs right now.

Hosting WordPress: Option 3 : Vultr Virtual Machine

If you really want a deal, look at vultr and get the $2.50/month instance with 1 CPU, .5 GB RAM, and spin up an ipv6 only for the cheapest of the cheap VMs. We use one of theirs for a test instance for trying out new themes, plugins, and ideas before promoting to our production instance.

hosting wordpress

This modest virtual machine on Digital Ocean can run for hours and hours without problems running WordPress and Apache.

wordpress hosting
A day in the life of

(Unless a nasty robot attacks you). WordPress is free, just download it, host it, and pay for the monthly VM Cloud Hosting.

Hosting WordPress Option 4 : Hosting

You can currently do this for free, or as cheap as $4.99/month

Now we need to get back to work and continue on our journey writing about financial freedom.

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