Meditation to Build Wealth (and stay calm over the holidays)

So I just read that Ray Dalio (Bridgewater large hedge fund guy and author) said one of his secrets to success was meditating a couple times a day for 20 minutes. This may not sound like a big deal, but I actually think it is. I started looking into it and meditation seems to have all kinds of positive health and wealth building effects. It may also be another tool to get through the holiday season in a calm and happy manner.

This is not health advice and this is not a spiritual post. This idea is another tool we can use to build wealth, health and have a better life.

Meditation is another tool available to help make one be better equipped to manage the resources in our lives and build true wealth and happiness.  A warrior must be centered as he/she prepares for personal financial battle.  Meditation can calm your mind and help improve decision making and impulse control, key factors in managing money.  

It Is Simple:  Just Sit, Close Your Eyes And Breath…

  Wow, when was the last time you did that in this frantic 24/7 world of ours?  I recently read about a 71 year old monk that teaches mediation in a very practical way.  He suggests a five minute meditation to hone the “skill” of happiness.  He recommends people try compassion meditation, in which you focus on feelings of altruistic love.When I read about this, it made me think that it may also help one to calm and balance themselves, therefore be less inclined to make impulsive decisions.  I also thought it may help one to value and respect what they already have and be grateful for the abundance one may already have around them.  It can also help focus the mind on a specific goal or way one wants to evolve.  You may be surprised by how many successful business leaders practice some form of meditation in their daily lives.  And I do not think this should be some elite thing, this is a free common sense tool available to every human being.  Perhaps you call it something else, quiet time, thinking time, praying time, to me it is all very similar and serves similar ends for our lives.

Ways Meditation Can Increase Ones Wealth

  1. You are not spending money, you are just experiencing life.
  2. Less impulsive behavior that may be sabotaging one’s efforts to improve their financial life.
  3. Focusing on what one already has, perhaps a person will feel more wealthy.
  4. A break from the bombardment of commercials.
  5. Potential for improved health, lower blood pressure, etc.

Perhaps you are more focused on scientifically backed reasons to do things.  Here are a few benefits of meditation that have been backed by studies:

  1. Reduces Stress – Less Impulse Shopping, Wasting Money, More Mindful.
  2. Manages Anxiety – No More Reacting To Sensational Financial Media!
  3. Lengthens Attention Span – Could Lead To Better Productivity At Work Or In Your Business.
  4. May Reduce Age Related Memory Loss – Extended True Wealth Through Better Health For A Longer Period Of Time.
  5. May Generate More Understanding – Better At Networking And Connecting To Others, Which Could Effect One’s Financial Life.
  6. Improves Sleep – Better Productivity, True Wealth In The Form Of Feeling Your Best Each Day.

You can do it anywhere at almost anytime and it is free.  There is no perfect way, it is a matter of sitting, breathing, listening and allowing yourself to be calm; find your way.  Can you think of other ways a simple practice like meditation helps people better manage their finances?

* Please Consult Your Health Professional Before Starting Any Kind Of Meditation Practice.

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