Everything is Going to Zero!

  1. Everything is Going to Zero!

“Keep calm and invest on.”
– Anonymous

You heard it folks, everything is going to zero. No asset is worth anything. The worst crash is upon us, let’s just run for the hills with some gold coins!

Hopefully the above statements sound absolutely ridiculous to you. But the sad part is that this message is being broadcast all over the place from people with big megaphones in the media. Pretty soon we will also be contending with more political nonsense which I frankly plan on ignoring.

And it is a total lie.

See, when you have invested and built wealth for a couple of decades, you end up seeing some strange human behavior and some wacky economic conditions.

Yes, it has been a tough year for investors across the broader market. But guess what typically happens after a down year? Several years of a bull run. There are a few exceptions, but typically assets rise again.

Dollar Cost Average Bonanza

This is the time, this is the big setup for long term investors. These are the times that we are plugging those automated earnings into discounted assets. Therefore increasing our long term returns.


Another bright spot I have personally noticed this year is Fundrise crowdfunding platform continues to shine. In a year when many lost 20%, Fundrise eREITs have risen about 7-8%!

In spite of all the doomsday garbage out there, our system is actually quite strong. Here is why: we are a system of law, rules and order that is “self cleansing”. Inefficiencies in our system and weaker businesses are washed away for stronger economic conditions. Our country sits in an enviable geographic location rich with resources. The greatest companies on Earth are continually born in the USA.I am staying the course and adding to quality investments. If I have to “run for the hills”, then the score on an electronic exchange system will be the least of my concerns. America has a bright future and I will never bet against her.

Have a fun Halloween everyone, things will work out in spite of the current monsters we are battling.

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