STOR – still a value

  • STOR, A high dividend stock (over 4%) that is undervalued, a great business at a fair price
  • STOR is a best in class real estate and dividend stock
  • We have invested in STOR for years and continue to add to the long term position
  • 99.6% occupancy rate, STOR is a viable alternative to holding depreciating cash

Money Vikings know we love quality, value and strong dividend paying investments. We get all that and more with STOR capital. This is now a battle tested investment that owns and operates a diverse portfolio of real estate assets through a pandemic. I believe the future is quite bright for STOR with an excellent management team, high quality assets and the seal of approval from none other than Papa Buffett himself.

Net lease REITs have high and consistent income generation, coupled with moderate growth and low risk. What does Triple Net Lease mean, it basically means the tenant pays the taxes, repairs/maintenance and insurance on the property, in addition to rent. STORE Capital is one of the best performing net lease REITs around.

“Net lease” or “triple-net” are commonly-used terms to describe freestanding retail property investments. Who owns the Dollar General convenience stores, CVS pharmacies, or even Chevron gas stations? You can own a small slice of the action if you own shares of REIT STOR. Added bonus, STOR is a Buffett Berkshire stock, so you know it has been pretty well vetted by the master himself.

Yield: currently a healthy 4.1% yield.

STOR is more than a landlord, they become a single tenant business partner and assist in making the underlying business tenant thrive. This is quite simply a safe and sound investment, which might be just what the doctor ordered at times of high volatility and high valuations across the broader spectrum.

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