Uranium is a HotTrade! – CLOSED for 7% ROI !

10/12 – Just closed this $URA Cash Secured Put for for 7% profit! BTC (Bought to Close) the 11/19 23 Put for $74 (recall we collected $145!)

With URA trading at 24.34, here’s how to make a bullish play in the stock by selling a put.

Sell a 23 dollar strike Cash Secured Put in URA for $145 in the November 19th Expiration Period

Premium: Try to collect at least $145

  • Rationale: This is a undefined risk trade that would require you to purchase 100 shares of the stock for $2,300 should it drop below $23. It has a break even of $21.55. With an IV Rank above 36% and a 4 star liquidity rating we like this one. You can collect a $145 credit on entry and earn $1.33 in daily theta decay. Max profit is $145.
  • Probability of making 72.50$/contract: 80%
  • Assumption: Bullish. If it goes down, you could buy URA at a price of around $23/share, or roll the put out to December / January.
  • Timeframe: 1-2 months.
  • Management: Wait and watch for now.

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