MDVL – Bottom Reversal Signaled

What’s the trade?  

9/14/2021 – Update – I’m going to call it for the time being, and back out of the trade. I’m doing this as as a safety measure to minimize any losses. A lot of the technicals aren’t making me feel too comfortable. Price targets still remain, absolutely. But, it may not be in the immediate future. There could be a dip in to the demand zone again, before more uptrend. I’ll keep this on my radar for future investment or trades.

9/3/21 – Still looking good. Keeping with the momentum. Daily is starting to enter in to the Bullish sentiment, slowly. I’m looking for the HMA21 to make contact with price, to support it. If signs show the bottom falling out, you will be notified, and the exit will be called.

8/27/21 – MedAvail (ticker:MDVL) has hit an all time low, with indications pointing to uptrend. Financials look great!

MDVL – Backing out, for now. Technicals aren’t strong by ReadyFor401k on

Technical Analysis Video

PT1: $8

PT2: $9

PT3: $12.75

Stop-Loss: $2.80

Duration: 1-2 weeks


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